A Handy Hint

A Handy Hint

Always have a bag or two of soil improver in the form of manure or soil conditioner on hand.

When your plants are just not responding, gently incorporate it into the soil avoiding disturbance to the roots and water it in well. Watch the plants liven up over the coming weeks.
Grab a bag when you visit the garden centre. It wont go astray.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice. there are many plants to choose from all waiting to be planted correctly and in the ideal position. Get it right the first time and you will enjoy gardening, One of the most healthiest and most rewarding pass times.


Update your living space with pots and décor.
A garden space can be updated by a simple addition of potted plants or an element of surprise.
Indoor and out.
Find them at Uscape Garden Centre.

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