Dainty Bites

Dainty Bites

Human nature has a fundamental ability to want to bite off more than it can chew, poke the bear or battle Goliath with just a single stone. When we renovate we could choose to paint a feature wall or hang new curtains? But no, we go straight for the modern entertainer’s kitchen or the chic over budget bathroom. I mean it can’t possibly be a challenge if it doesn’t take you near breaking point. And the truth is we seldom achieve the desired result and almost always lose the joy for which we started; the process consumes the purpose.

Now, I know nothing bear fighting or interior design. But I do know about overwhelming challenges and that my home needed refreshing, a new touch. For this occasion the kitchen or bathroom was well out of my budget, no need to go there. My project was small… really small. I simply started with a plant, added a matching pot and my wife suggested a pair of old lamps she had stowed away; then I found the right piece of giftware to compliment the finishing touch. Before I knew it the boring white bedside tables had been given a little spark and our bedroom a breath of life. I found that something small created so much difference; there was no amazing transformation but it was the start my home needed in one small delicate nibble.

So, there is no better time than the present and I throw down the challenge; reinvent your empty buffet, jazz up that vacant corner near the window in your study, refresh that dismal laundry bench. Instead of taking one big greedy size chomp at something well outside of your capabilities, deadlines or budget. Just take regular dainty bites to make a difference.

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